West Coast Med Price Match Guarantee:

We believe our patients should receive the best price for their medicine. We will price match other online medicinal retailers if certain criteria are met.

What you need to price match at West Coast Med:

  • The item must be there and in stock and available
  • We do not price match dissimilar products. Strains and extracts are matched based on quality and source.
  • MUST be priced in Canadian dollars (CAD) and the business must be Canadian – in order to cover our costs.
  • The item or product has to be from a Canadian website & currently up (No Screenshots of past products please).
  • The product’s price cannot be lower because of company error such as misspelling of price or otherwise if it is on sale – ┬ásale prices that are not covered include but are not limited to holiday or store promotions.

I found something I can match! What’s next?

Just e-mail us with “PRICE MATCH” in the subject line and make sure you have a link to the product you want matched. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.