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Our week-long 420 Sale, Giveaways & Golden Tickets

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We’re starting off with a boom on 420, offering 20% out of the gate starting Thursday April 13th @ 9PM PST and Free Xpress on orders over $200.

The 20% runs through Saturday night, on Sunday we’ll drop to 15% and offer Free Xpress on orders over $300 until Apr 21st.

We’ve got 12 new strains of flower, 2 budders, 2 shatters & a restock of Phyto.

Post Updates: 

  • Apr 13 10:00PM – Sale’s been live for an hour, orders are flying in very fast! Apologies to anyone who received a checkout error saying there was no shipping options, it’s resolved now.
  • Apr 13 4:00PM – More strains added, a small amount of mango is back on too. A TON of Canna Co edibles and some newer editions to the store from another supplier as well as more Phyto!
  • Apr 11 – Added 12 strains to the website, two budder and two shatters. Phyto will be restocking tomorrow and we might have some other unbranded shatter to look forward to alongside some new stronger edibles.


UPDATE: Please check the Status page for updates on our processing orders, accepting payments, etc.

We’ve Got Deals All Week

Thu Apr 13 – Sat Apr 15

20% Sitewide + Xpress over $200
Coupon: 420

Sun Apr 16 – Fri Apr 21

15% Sitewide + Xpress over $300
Coupon coming Sunday.

Week Long Giveaways & 2X Points

We’re throwing in extras with orders all week as a thank you to our customers. We’ll be giving away marijuana, edibles & extracts at random all throughout the sale.

We’ve also upped the points gain to 2x throughout the sale, so you’ll earn double your cash back while you order from us!

Golden Tickets

Straight out of willy wonka, we’re giving away 5 golden tickets worth $350 store credit.

You’ll receive the ticket and then send us a picture proving you received it, then we add it to your account via Points.

Romulan @ $220/oz

That’s $176 per ounce with the 20% off coupon!

Purple OG @ $130/oz

That’s $104 per ounce with the 20% off coupon!

Super Saver Nuken @ $110/oz

That’s $88 per ounce with the 20% off coupon!

Phyto Shatter @ $45/g

That’s $36 per gram with the 20% off coupon!

Quad City Blonde Death Hash $20/g

That’s $16 per gram with the 20% off coupon!

Special Blend Budder $50/g

That’s $42 per gram with the 20% off coupon!

Budder from $40/g

That’s $32 per gram with the 20% off coupon!

Shatter from $40/g

That’s $36 per gram with the 20% off coupon!

Clear Extract $120/g

That’s $96 per syringe with the 20% off coupon!

March Madness & Flash Friday Sale This Weekend!

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Greetings WCM family!

As you may have heard we’re ramping up for a March Madness sale this weekend, and we’ve got a limited Flash Friday sale that starts at midnight eastern (9PM PST) tonight with discounts up to 20% off and Free Xpress Shipping!

  • Flash Friday 20% Off: FRIDAY420 (Expired)
  • Flash Friday Free Xpress Shipping: FRIDAYXPRESS (All Gone)
  • All Weekend 15% Off: MADNESS

The 20% off and Xpress Shipping coupons can be stacked, use them while you can! Once FRIDAY420 is done we’ll enable the 15% coupon code for the remainder of the weekend. Check the top left header to see what coupon is active.

UPDATE: Please check the new Status page for updates on our processing orders, accepting payments, etc.

Some of our March Madness Deals:

Orange Crush @ $130/oz

That’s $104 per ounce with the 20% off coupon!

Purple Kush @ $140/oz

That’s $112 per ounce with the 20% off coupon!

Nuken @ $140/oz

That’s $112 per ounce with the 20% off coupon!

Phyto Shatter @ $45/g

That’s $36 per gram with the 20% off coupon!

Great White Shark Hash $20/g

That’s $16 per gram with the 20% off coupon!

Platinum AK-47 Budder $45/g

That’s $36 per gram with the 20% off coupon!

All deals will be available on our DEALS area and coupons will go live at 9:01PM PST.

Monthly Prize Winners Announced!

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We’ve finally set-up our monthly rewards, as we’ve mentioned before we’ll be randomly selecting 3-4 orders per month and gifting them either free product, or store credit.

So we’ve gone through December, January and February and selected 4 winners for each, prizes ranging from $100, $50 or $25 store credit.

All winners have received an e-mail telling them they’ve won, however we’re dealing with some slight hiccups with the new email server so some mail might be going into the Spam folder.

Free Shipping Price Adjustment, Free Xpress Over $450!

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As of today we’re modifying Free Shipping to be a minimum of $150. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes for our awesome customers, but $150 is a better number for us to be paying for the shipping on our end.

Also, we’ve been asked numerous times about Free Xpress shipping and we’re pleased to announce that orders over $450 will quality for free Xpress anywhere in Canada. We’re hoping to bring this number down a bit in the coming months as we continue to grow.

A few new items will be added to the site tomorrow, stay tuned and have a great Valentine’s Day!

Mary Jane’s Valentine Sale

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Greetings WCM family!

As some of you have probably heard, we’re doing a pre-Valentine’s day sale so you can get some epic treats for your significant others.. and yourself! We’ve got a limited Flash Sale that starts at midnight on Thursday, February 9th where the first 15 people to use it will get 15% off and Free Xpress Shipping!

The coupon for this magical flash sale: LOVE15
Reminder: This coupon will only work for the first 15 people that enter it and pay! **we’ve updated this to 20 uses now!**

If you aren’t able to grab that coupon in time, we’re going to be offering a second 14% off coupon MARYJANE14 until Friday evening, as well as discounts on Flower, Hash, Shatter, Rosin & Clear.

COUPONS ARE NOW LIVE! If you encounter any errors using the coupons in conjunction with points, please contact us directly. We’ve had to put a limiter in place on LOVE15 to stop people using it alongside MARYJANE14 which may conflict with redeeming points. We apologize in advance for any issues!

Some of our Valentine’s Deals:

All deals will be available on our DEALS area at 12:01 Feb 9th (or slightly sooner!)

Candies back in stock, High Tier price changes

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First let’s mention the new awesome price for High Tier strains, we’ve taken it down from $210/oz to $200! We want our high quality strains to be accessible to as many people as possible. Some sites charge $220+ for strains that aren’t even as good as ours. 🙂

Cannaco Medible Candies

You asked, we answered! Cannaco Medible Candies are back in stock, get your sweet tooth on.

We’ve also added another extract, Honey Badger Shatter and Tuna Kush, a new Mid Tier marijuana strain.

More new strains will be coming VERY soon, as well as more Phoenix Tears, Rosin, Shatter, Edibles & Hash.

Credit Card Processing Temporarily Shut Down

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Unfortunately our credit card processor has terminated our merchant account so we’re temporarily unable to accept credit cards on orders.

We’re sorry about this as a few of our loyal customers prefer credit card vs e-transfer, and we’ll do everything we can to get another Credit Card solution up and running again asap.

In the meantime, please pay using Interac E-Transfer at check out.

Happy New Year! 2017 Deals & Updates

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Happy New Year from West Coast Med!

We’ve added new Marijuana Strains, Capsules, CBD Phoenix Tears & more! As well as some revamping of the AA & AAA Variety Packs.

New Strains:

We’ve got a bunch of new strains!

Updates to Variety Packs:

The AA & AAA Variety Packs have been updated to reflect more accurate pricing and strains, essentially the AAA is now the AA, and the original AA will be remade into our new cheapest pack as soon as we have strains in that price tier again.

Why was this updated? What about my super cheap AA variety packs!?

Alright, here’s the short of it. When we initially released the AA Variety Pack we had a bunch of outdoor and indoor strains that we were getting very cheap, such as the Orange Crush and a few others. But those crops are done and we aren’t able to get any more of those super cheap strains right now. But people loved the AA VP so much that we decided to keep it around until Boxing Day even though we were using more expensive mid-tier strains to fill it and were either breaking even or losing money on it at some points.

But now the holidays are over and we’re updating the variety packs to be more relevant to their price tiers. We’ll definitely have a cheap 130/140 oz variety pack coming back soon, we just need to locate the inventory for it! I know this is a bummer for some people and we apologize, we’ll get a cheap VP up as quickly as possible.

Removal of Single Grams Temporarily

We’ve temporarily taking single grams of strains off the site, weighing up a bunch of single grams on an order is quite time consuming and we’re still a growing outfit. Once we have a more regular work schedule (and staff) we’ll be able to offer grams again, and maybe even a gram sample pack showcasing a bunch of our strains? 🙂

Free XpressPost Shipping on Boxing Day!

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Yeah, that’s right.

You guys were wondering what we’re doing for boxing day, well here it is.


Simply use the coupon code FREEWILLY to get Free Shipping (Which we automatically upgrade to XpressPost on our end) and also 2X points!

Other Deals:

Please be aware that with the massive influx of orders we may experience some strains selling out faster than others, because of this we may have to make replacements at the time of packaging. Rest assured we’ll always give you a strain of the same tier or HIGHER free of charge!

Packages will ship either Monday or Tuesday. 🙂

Holiday Shipping Information

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Merry Christmas all,

Just a heads up about the current shipping status with CanadaPost.

Today (Friday, December 23rd) was the last day of shipping with CanadaPost until Monday, December 26th, any orders made between now and Monday will either be shipped out on the 26th or 27th depending on the backlog of orders we’re hit with. Tracking numbers will be assigned as usual, and make sure you check the site out on Boxing Day as we’re going to have some interesting deals for the day! 🙂

All the best,

West Coast Med

Orange Crush, Rockstar & Variety Pack Stock

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If you’re navigating the site right now you might have noticed that a few of our most popular strains are sold out.

We just want to inform you that we’re receiving a new batch of Rockstar & Orange Crush by Wednesday at the latest, alongside a bunch of new Marijuana strains.

Please check back on Wednesday, December 14th for more Orange Crush, Rockstar & more. Or browse our large collection of premium flower currently in stock.

Phyto Extracts now in stock!

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One of the foremost concentrated cannabis producers in Canada, Phyto is a winner of the 1st Place prize in the 2015 Kush Cup. The Vancouver-based company is known for its award winning shatter made with a closed-loop system. They cover many strains and constantly refine their process to make their product as great as can be.

Phyto’s High-Grade BHO is prized by Vancouver dispensaries for its potency, quality and packaging. The company even goes so far as to put THC percentages on the label. Phyto means business – and have invested heavily in safe and high-grade extraction processes in the hopes that other businesses will follow suit, creating a sustainable and safe concentrate production industry for years to come.

Buy Phyto Extracts Online

We’ve stocked our shelves with a bunch of great new Phyto Extracts Shatter. Everything from Super Lemon Haze, Grandaddy Purple, Hindu Kush to Girl Scout Cookies! Take a look at our inventory and pick some up before it’s all gone!

Buy Phyto Extracts Shatter Online

Get 15% Off Your First Order!

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At West Coast Med we’re excited to become your one-stop shop to buy weed online. Marijuana, Extracts & Edibles, we’ve got it all!

To make things better, we’re offering a 15% Discount on all online marijuana orders when you sign up and make an account. This also applies to Edibles and Extracts, so shop away!

How does the discount work?

It’s simple, just create an account!

Once the account is created, you’ll receive a 15% off coupon in your email address. You can use that coupon while logged in to your account and making an order.

To reiterate:

  1. Sign Up on West Coast Med
  2. Check your email for the 15% coupon code
  3. Use the coupon code when you place your first order

If you have any questions / concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]