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Get 15% Off Your First Order!

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At West Coast Med we’re excited to become your one-stop shop to buy weed online. Marijuana, Extracts & Edibles, we’ve got it all!

To make things better, we’re offering a 15% Discount on all online marijuana orders when you sign up and make an account. This also applies to Edibles and Extracts, so shop away!

How does the discount work?

It’s simple, just create an account!

Once the account is created, you’ll receive a 15% off coupon in your email address. You can use that coupon while logged in to your account and making an order.

To reiterate:

  1. Sign Up on West Coast Med
  2. Check your email for the 15% coupon code
  3. Use the coupon code when you place your first order

If you have any questions / concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Free XpressPost Shipping on Boxing Day!

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Yeah, that’s right.

You guys were wondering what we’re doing for boxing day, well here it is.


Simply use the coupon code FREEWILLY to get Free Shipping (Which we automatically upgrade to XpressPost on our end) and also 2X points!

Other Deals:

Please be aware that with the massive influx of orders we may experience some strains selling out faster than others, because of this we may have to make replacements at the time of packaging. Rest assured we’ll always give you a strain of the same tier or HIGHER free of charge!

Packages will ship either Monday or Tuesday. 🙂

Mary Jane’s Valentine Sale

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Greetings WCM family!

As some of you have probably heard, we’re doing a pre-Valentine’s day sale so you can get some epic treats for your significant others.. and yourself! We’ve got a limited Flash Sale that starts at midnight on Thursday, February 9th where the first 15 people to use it will get 15% off and Free Xpress Shipping!

The coupon for this magical flash sale: LOVE15
Reminder: This coupon will only work for the first 15 people that enter it and pay! **we’ve updated this to 20 uses now!**

If you aren’t able to grab that coupon in time, we’re going to be offering a second 14% off coupon MARYJANE14 until Friday evening, as well as discounts on Flower, Hash, Shatter, Rosin & Clear.

COUPONS ARE NOW LIVE! If you encounter any errors using the coupons in conjunction with points, please contact us directly. We’ve had to put a limiter in place on LOVE15 to stop people using it alongside MARYJANE14 which may conflict with redeeming points. We apologize in advance for any issues!

Some of our Valentine’s Deals:

All deals will be available on our DEALS area at 12:01 Feb 9th (or slightly sooner!)