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Candies back in stock, High Tier price changes

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First let’s mention the new awesome price for High Tier strains, we’ve taken it down from $210/oz to $200! We want our high quality strains to be accessible to as many people as possible. Some sites charge $220+ for strains that aren’t even as good as ours. 🙂

Cannaco Medible Candies

You asked, we answered! Cannaco Medible Candies are back in stock, get your sweet tooth on.

We’ve also added another extract, Honey Badger Shatter and Tuna Kush, a new Mid Tier marijuana strain.

More new strains will be coming VERY soon, as well as more Phoenix Tears, Rosin, Shatter, Edibles & Hash.

Phyto Extracts now in stock!

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One of the foremost concentrated cannabis producers in Canada, Phyto is a winner of the 1st Place prize in the 2015 Kush Cup. The Vancouver-based company is known for its award winning shatter made with a closed-loop system. They cover many strains and constantly refine their process to make their product as great as can be.

Phyto’s High-Grade BHO is prized by Vancouver dispensaries for its potency, quality and packaging. The company even goes so far as to put THC percentages on the label. Phyto means business – and have invested heavily in safe and high-grade extraction processes in the hopes that other businesses will follow suit, creating a sustainable and safe concentrate production industry for years to come.

Buy Phyto Extracts Online

We’ve stocked our shelves with a bunch of great new Phyto Extracts Shatter. Everything from Super Lemon Haze, Grandaddy Purple, Hindu Kush to Girl Scout Cookies! Take a look at our inventory and pick some up before it’s all gone!

Buy Phyto Extracts Shatter Online