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Happy New Year! 2017 Deals & Updates

By January 1, 2017Uncategorized

Happy New Year from West Coast Med!

We’ve added new Marijuana Strains, Capsules, CBD Phoenix Tears & more! As well as some revamping of the AA & AAA Variety Packs.

New Strains:

We’ve got a bunch of new strains!

Updates to Variety Packs:

The AA & AAA Variety Packs have been updated to reflect more accurate pricing and strains, essentially the AAA is now the AA, and the original AA will be remade into our new cheapest pack as soon as we have strains in that price tier again.

Why was this updated? What about my super cheap AA variety packs!?

Alright, here’s the short of it. When we initially released the AA Variety Pack we had a bunch of outdoor and indoor strains that we were getting very cheap, such as the Orange Crush and a few others. But those crops are done and we aren’t able to get any more of those super cheap strains right now. But people loved the AA VP so much that we decided to keep it around until Boxing Day even though we were using more expensive mid-tier strains to fill it and were either breaking even or losing money on it at some points.

But now the holidays are over and we’re updating the variety packs to be more relevant to their price tiers. We’ll definitely have a cheap 130/140 oz variety pack coming back soon, we just need to locate the inventory for it! I know this is a bummer for some people and we apologize, we’ll get a cheap VP up as quickly as possible.

Removal of Single Grams Temporarily

We’ve temporarily taking single grams of strains off the site, weighing up a bunch of single grams on an order is quite time consuming and we’re still a growing outfit. Once we have a more regular work schedule (and staff) we’ll be able to offer grams again, and maybe even a gram sample pack showcasing a bunch of our strains? 🙂